Success Stories



1. Rose Marie, Laboratory Technology (2013).


Rose Marie joined Kuska in 2011 (she was our second student we accepted!). She chose to study Laboratory Technology at at IESTP "Reyna de las Americas." She was a diligent and enthusiastic student who frequently gave back to Kuska by participating in events like our annual chocolatadas.

Rose Marie flew through her courses and became the first Kuska student to graduate! We are so proud to have been able to help her obtain her degree!

Post-graduation, Rose Marie is working at a local laboratory, which helps to support her young family.

As Rose Marie was finishing her studies in 2013, she wrote the following to us, “Nuevamente quiero agradecer a Kuska por la ayuda que me brindó durante estos tres años de estudio obtenidas. Gracias Kuska.” [translation: Again I want to thank Kuska for the help that you gave me during these three years of study. Thank you Kuska]. We wish Rose Marie the best of luck in her new pursuits!


2. Odilo, Business Administration (2014).


Odilo became Kuska’s first student when he began studying Business Administration at the Instituto Peruano de Administración de Empresas (IPAE) in 2009. Since that time, he has shown tremendous growth in his abilities at school. Odilo routinely finished first in his class.

After starting with Kuska, Odilo was able to open two computer repair and Internet cafés in Iquitos. He has directly applied the knowledge that he gained during his business classes to become a successful entrepreneur.

Always looking to give back to Kuska, Odilo allows all Kuska students to use his computers free of charge.

In 2012, Kuska sponsored Odilo as he left Iquitos for the first time to travel to a business conference in Lima. He attended the Congreso Nacional de Estudiantes de Administracion “Huaraz 2012” at the Universidad San Pedro, one of the premiere business schools in Peru.

Odilo graduated with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration in 2014. He continues to build his computer repair and internet cafe companies.

Odilo has big dreams. He is working towards opening his own programming school in Iquitos and is even considering campaigning for mayor of Iquitos to help alleviate the extreme poverty that exists in the many parts of the city.  


3. Bianca, Marketing (2018).


Bianca first heard about Kuska when she was working as a receptionist at the Instituto Peruano de Administración de Empresas (IPAE). At that time she was already a hard worker, as well as a single mom determined to provide for her young daughter. She had enrolled in college earlier in her life to major in Civil Engineering, but she was forced to drop out due to the financial strain on her family. After working as a bank teller for several years, she became interested in Marketing and Finance. Thanks to the support of her Kuska donor, she was able to enroll in classes at IPAE, the most prestigious business school in Iquitos.

She excelled in her studies and was ranked number one in her class every semester.

Bianca graduated with a honors in Marketing in 2018. She was able to leave her job as a receptionist there and now is working for a successful local business.

Since graduating, Bianca has been balancing both family and work. She has had two children who keep her busy. We are proud to have contributed to her success!